The Most Weed Friendly Cities In The USA

Weed is becoming a significant factor in tourism, as people figure out the coolest places to visit that will also allow them to smoke good herb. In honor of everyone searching good weed spots, here are some of the best weed friendly cities in the USA for marijuana smokers.

18. Louisville, Kentucky

The Most Weed Friendly Cities In The USA

Most people don’t think about the South as a hotbed for weed. But word on the cannabis scene is that Louisville has actually built a solid weed community.

Hopefully, that momentum will carry over into some productive pot legislation. Either way, one thing’s for sure. Getting high anywhere in the South means you’ve got some fantastic food to satisfy those munchies with.

17. Boston, Massachusetts

The Most Weed Friendly Cities In The USA

Boston is a big city that’s long been friendly to ganja and those who consume it. And now things are going to get even friendlier.

That’s because voters in Massachusetts said yes to legalizing recreational pot last year.