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Best 510 Thread Batteries for Weed Cartridges

Best 510 Thread Batteries for Weed Cartridges


Best 510 Thread Batteries for Weed Cartridges

With the increasing popularity of THC cartridges, 510 thread batteries are flying off of head shop shelves. If it’s for a THC cartridge you want to make sure the battery has a 510 thread otherwise it won’t fit. However, not any 510 thread battery will do. Some are cheap and die out quick. Others are too powerful and will burn the atomizer inside your cartridge, making it useless. Here are the best 510 thread batteries on the market.

Best 510 Thread Batteries For Cartridges

Vision Spinner II

Best 510 Thread Batteries for Weed Cartridges

The Spinner II by Vision is a 1650mAh battery that’ll hold the longest charge. It has an adjustable dial on the bottom too for changing the voltage. However, the lowest setting should work fine on just about any cartridge. You probably won’t find yourself fully charging this bad boy more than twice a month. There are about 13 colors to choose from and tons of positive reviews on the device.

O.pen Battery

Best 510 Thread Batteries for Weed Cartridges

For those seeking simplicity, the o.pen vape should do the trick. There is no button, you just screw your cartridge in and inhale from the mouthpiece. Then, you should see the end light up as long as you’re inhaling.

Eventually, it’ll blink to prevent your cartridge from overheating. However, you can hack it by pausing the inhale before the blinking and continuing for a second full hit. Be careful though overdoing it can lead to a burnt cartridge.

V2 Pro Series 3

Best 510 Thread Batteries for Weed Cartridges

The V2 Pro Series 3 is perfect for anyone looking to combine all their portable vaporizers into one. With this one battery, you’ll be able to use pre-filled cartridges, dry herbs, and concentrates like wax. It comes with the e-liquid tank. However, to use wax and dry herbs you’ll have to purchase interchangeable tanks. Even so, the V2 Pro Series 3 is best used with oil cartridges. The battery automatically adjusts the voltage to the ideal setting for your cartridge.

Exxus Snap

Best 510 Thread Batteries for Weed Cartridges

Our favorite batteries are from the Exxus Snap series. They are the most discreet and function flawlessly. The Exxus Snap works a little differently. Instead of screwing the cartridge directly into the battery you attach a magnet that it comes with. Attach the small gold magnet to the bottom of any cartridge and slide it into the device.

Since the cartridge is inside the device the glass is less likely to break if you drop it. On the other hand, with a stick battery, your glass is exposed and vulnerable to breaking from falling or being crushed in your pocket. The Exxus Snap VV model is a bit heavier and the voltage can be adjusted for the perfect hit every time.

Final Hit

Best 510 Thread Batteries for Weed Cartridges

The best 510 thread battery is different for everyone. If you want to keep it simple go with a battery with no buttons. The snap batteries work best for discretion and protecting your cartridges. There should be something on our list for every kind of cannabis consumer. THC cartridges aren’t cheap, put them in something that’ll make the best of it.

Ab Hanna

Ab is a recent college graduate from New York writing for Green Rush Daily. During his time at Stony Brook University he specialized in advanced research and analytical writing. He attends glass art shows supporting independent artists and stays up to date with the latest glass and vapor innovations.

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