Things took a surprising turn last week at a Goodwill in Monroe, Washington when workers found a cooler full of weed. Apparently, somebody had donated the cooler without realizing that it was still filled with a sh*t ton of cannabis.

The Goodwill Details

Someone Accidentally Donated Almost 4 Pounds Of Weed To Goodwill

Workers at the Goodwill thought they were processing another standard pile of donations, same as always. It all looked like the usual stuff: clothes, furniture, old electronics, general housewares. And a regular looking cooler.

But that cooler was anything but normal. When workers opened it, they were surprised to see that it was full of weed.

And lots of it. Almost four pounds to be precise. Local authorities said that the 3.75 pounds of pot left in the cooler had a street value of somewhere around $24,000.

Since the discovery, Goodwill has been reviewing its surveillance video to see if they can find the green giver. Whoever it is, they’re probably not happy. That’s a lot of ganja to lose.

Free Goodwill Weed

Someone Accidentally Donated Almost 4 Pounds Of Weed To Goodwill

But on the other hand, what if they meant to give it away? That might sound crazy, but free weed isn’t entirely unheard of. And especially in places like Washington, where cannabis has been legalized.

Last year, for example, an organization called Grow For Vets gave free marijuana to veterans. The group gave away a ton of medical marijuana last year in honor of 4/20.

A similar group based in Santa Cruz, California also has programs in place to provide free weed to veterans. The Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance provides medical marijuana to vets as an alternative to more dangerous and addictive prescription drugs.

But free weed isn’t only a phenomenon in the world of medical marijuana. More and more, political, community, and activist groups are tapping into the power of free weed.

Last year, a cannabis club in Colorado Springs, Colorado organized a park cleanup as a service to the community. The best part: everyone who showed up to help got a free joint.

And on the political side of things, one activist organization gave away free cannabis seeds right in front of the White House last spring. The idea was to make cannabis more available and accessible.

And most recently the DCMJ made headlines when it gave away tons of free joints at Donald Trump’s inauguration. At that event, the group said it gave away somewhere around 8,000 joints. The idea was for everybody to light up four minutes and twenty seconds into Trump’s speech.

And these aren’t the only times when free weed has been given out. Similar events and organizations are popping up all over the country.

Taken together, this could be a significant new development for weed smokers. What could be better than free pot?

The Final Hit

Someone Accidentally Donated Almost 4 Pounds Of Weed To Goodwill

There could be all sorts of ways that weed ended up in a donated cooler at a local Goodwill. It could have been an entirely honest mistake, in which case, whoever dropped it off is seriously missing their weed.

Or it could have been some intentional weed donation, even though we’re pretty sure Goodwill isn’t accepting cannabis donations.

Another alternative explanation is some botched smuggling attempt. People try any number of crazy ways to sneak weed in and out of the country. Maybe this was a smuggling attempt gone terribly wrong.

Whatever the case, we can only hope that someone gets to enjoy all that beautiful green.