Genius Pipe is the Future of Smoking Weed

The future of smoking, the Genius Pipe

As far as we can tell, the Genius Pipe is the future of smoking. Given the incredibly clever way it solves all of smoking’s most pressing problems, it’s only a matter of time before the Genius Pipe is the go-to smoking device for cannabis consumers around the world.

The Genius Pipe lives up to its name—and in more ways than one. To begin with, it was created by a set of free-thinking and creative geniuses who saw a way to bring together physics, developments in tech, and a passion for cannabis.

The result is an equally genius way to gives smokers a clean, healthy, and hugely enjoyable smoking experience. The Genius Pipe is a durable, sleek, handheld pipe that uses what its inventors call “dimple technology” to filter out tars and harmful resins while also cooling the smoke to a comfortable temperature—all without using any water.

That means you can enjoy the full pleasures of smoking while being sure that you’re getting the cleanest, coolest smoke possible. No more coughing. No more dirty, dangerous pollutants. Just pure, rich, tasty cannabis smoke.

How it’s Made

The exterior of the Genius Pipe is built out of high-grade aluminum that’s virtually impossible to damage or break. The pipe’s interior includes a grid of hundreds of tiny dimples. When smoke is pulled across the grid, each dimple creates tiny vortexes of air and smoke.

These vortexes do two things. First, they transfer the heat out of the smoke and into the aluminum walls of the pipe. Second, they filter out tars, resins, and other contaminants, all of which end up sticking to the edges of the dimples.

The real genius of the Genius Pipe lies in the simplicity of its design. Dimple technology is used in all sorts of applications from supersonic jets to fuel efficient cars to nuclear power plants and just about everything in between.

But using it as a way of cooling and filtering smoke is a super sleek, super simple way to minimize the negative aspects of smoking like tars and coughing. While absolutely maximizing the smoking experience by delivering pure and full cannabis flavor.

The Final Hit

What all this means for the smoking experience is that you can focus on getting the most out of your herb. The Genius Pipe allows you to savor the complex taste of each and every strain and bask in the equally complex and rich odors created by the herb. And because the entire thing is small enough to fit in your handbag, purse, or pocket, it’s perfect for whatever setting you find yourself in.

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Dimple technology has been used in many things ranging from supersonic military jets to high-tech weaponry. Now, for the first time ever, this technology is being used to smoke with. We introduce you to The Genius Pipe. Genius Pipe is the Future of Smoking

The Genius Pipe uses 2000 tiny dimples in the aluminum (not unlike the texture of a golf ball) to cool the smoke and capture tar, oil, and resin before it can even reach your lips.

Genius Pipe is the Future of Smoking

Made entirely in the USA, The Genius Pipe is made from scratch-free, virtually indestructible anodized aluminum.

Genius Pipe is the Future of Smoking

To use the Genius Pipe, just slip the two magnetic slides apart and sprinkle your dry herbs in the mesh net.

Genius Pipe is the Future of Smoking

Light the herbs and inhale as you would with any other hand pipe, then slide the aluminum cover over the bowl to extinguish the flame. Not only with this contain your herbs, but it will also keep your pipe smell-free and discreet.

Genius Pipe is the Future of Smoking

The Genius Pipe website advertises each Genius Pipe bowl to be around 10 or so hits and warns that veterans shouldn’t pull too hard, or they might accidentally get one of the biggest hits of their life.  A fair warning!

Genius Pipe is the Future of Smoking