14 Foods You Can Smoke Weed Out Of

Food is an important part of weed culture. Obviously, it’s how we satisfy the munchies, but that’s not the only way weed smokers use food. You can actually turn different foods into smoking devices. Either way, it’s something all smokers should try at some point. And to get you started, here are 14 foods you can smoke weed out of.

1. Apple

14 Foods You Can Smoke Weed Out Of

Let’s start with an all-time classic. The apple. This fruit is perfect for turning into a pipe because it’s got a built-in bowl for your herb.

It also serves as a model for how to turn pretty much everything else into a pipe. If you master the apple pipe, you’re well on your way to repurposing all sorts of other foods.

For starters, pull out the stem. That little hollow spot on top of the apple will be your bowl.

Next poke a hole straight down from the top to the center of the apple.

Poke another hole through the side of the apple, diagonally so that it meets your first hole in the center. This will be the mouthpiece.

And finally, poke one more hole through the other side. This one needs to meet up with the other holes in the middle of your apple. This hole is the carb.

When you’re ready to puff, pack the top of the apple. Put your mouth over the diagonal hole and your thumb over the carb. Smoke like you would any other pipe.

Remember this process because you’ll be doing something very similar to the other foods on this list.

2. Pear

14 Foods You Can Smoke Weed Out Of

The pear can be a good choice, but it can also be a little finicky. If you’ve ever eaten pears you know what we’re talking about. Pears have a very small window of perfect ripeness.

Before that window, they’re tough and hard. And shortly after, they go mushy and soft. A perfectly ripe pear is best for smoking out of.

An underripe pear is kind of hard to poke into and manipulate. And an overripe pear can get too mushy and will start falling apart.

But when you get a pear that’s the perfect ripeness, it can be a breeze to repurpose.

Do this one the same way you did the apple. And try turning the pear upside down so you can turn the little hollow section of the fruit into your bowl.