6 Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with Cannabis – Baking and Butter Basics

Cooking with cannabis is no different than cooking in general. If you’re not used to doing either, they can be intimidating. But making edibles is not that difficult. It’s just about following directions and staying mindful of the process and the proportions of ingredients.

And it’s the perfect activity for those who are craving a solution for THC ingestion that is not hard on the lungs or for an event or situation when smoking is either prohibited or discouraged.

Whatever your motivations may be, here are some steps and tips to be mindful of on your maiden culinary cannabis voyage:

1. Make your cannabutter

6 Tips for Cooking with Cannabis

For any baking, you’re going to want to make your cannabutter. Though this is obvious to many users, it bears mentioning: weed on its own is not activated and will NOT get you high by just ingesting it. You need to put your THC through the process of decarboxylation, which effectively activates the parts of the plant you want.The basics of making your cannabutter include de-carbing your weed, boiling water, cooking down the butter, and letting it sit for many hours. A more detailed set of instructions can be found here.