The best strains for your next wake and bake

If you’re into wake and bake smoke sessions, there are a couple important things to focus on. The biggest one is how it’ll affect your day. To help you find the morning strain of your dreams, here’s our list of 18 strains that are perfect for the wake and bake.

Since the wake and bake is how you start off your day you want something energizing and uplifting. For that, you’ll want to stick with something in the sativa family.

Sativa strains primarily affect your brain. And many of them can give you a boost of energy, mental clarity, and focus. Tons of sativa dominant hybrids also produce these effects.

That’s what you’re looking for in a good wake and bake strain. If you find the right strain, hitting it first thing in the morning can be as energizing as starting the day with a cup of coffee.

1. Green Crack

Strains For Your Next Wake And Bake Session

Green Crack got its name for a good reason: once you start smoking this strain you won’t stop. And the best part is that’s ideal for morning use.

Green Crack delivers a super energizing high. And it won’t make you spacey or ruin your ability to focus.

After waking up, try smoking some Green Crack. It’ll give you an uplifting start to the day and will help you feel happy, positive, focused, and energized.

2. Pineapple Express

Strains For Your Next Wake And Bake Session

Pineapple Express is one of the most popular hybrid strains you can find. That’s largely because it was the namesake for a hugely successful stoner comedy film.

But more importantly, it’s also because of the smooth and well-balanced highs this strain produces.

As you start smoking Pineapple Express you’ll feel a gentle body buzz. From there, the high will move into your head.

By the time you finish your morning sesh, you’ll be calm yet energized. You may also get inspired with some productive sparks of creativity.