Weed can help you Netflix and chill, especially the chilling part. There are shows and movies that pair perfectly with different cannabis highs. Feeling focused? You could watch a documentary and ponder deeply about something. Feeling euphoric? The right comedy will have you laughing your way to six-pack abs. If you don’t want to spend an eternity scrolling through Netflix, we’ve got some suggestions for what to watch when you’re stoned.

8. Weeds

8 Great Things To Watch When You Have Weed And Netflix

Want to think about weed while you’re on weed? Watch Weeds. The show illustrates the life of a woman who starts selling pot to provide for her kids after her husband dies.

So, the main character of this show is a drug-dealing suburban milf named Nancy Botwin. The show is hilarious with weed humor and action packed.

The character was inspired by Dr. Dina who now serves legal weed to celebrity stars like Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz.

Before her success, she and her business partner Andrew struggled to open a medical marijuana dispensary which led to some bad ass moments.

In fact, they took a $50,000 loan which she later found out was from a Mexican drug cartel member. He was brought into the equation as a third business partner.

However, he started hiring his own workers, and money started to go missing. After Dr. Dina had confronted him, he took her out to his car and pulled a gun with a silencer from his glove compartment and placed it on her lap as a threat.

She looked at him and said, “you know you really can’t keep your gun like this. It has to be coated in linseed oil, and you need to have it in a plastic bag, or it’s gonna misfire.”

He asked her how she knew that and she replied, “I keep all my guns in linseed oil.”

That’s when he called her a gangster. She told Andrew about the situation, and they decided they needed to get rid of their new partner.

This led to the cartel member physically attacking Andrew and pulling his gun out in the back room. That’s when Dina stepped in and punched the guy then dragged him out by his ear.

She paid back her loan plus interest, but it wasn’t over. One week after that incident the store was shot at seven times.

The cartel wasn’t the only time she had to deal with a gang carrying guns. The DEA has raided her dispensary three times, but she laughs it off.

When they cuffed her, she jokingly told them to bring “furry cuffs next time” because she prefers them furry. She says she is a nice person, but if you mess with her or her patients, you’ll have hell to pay.

That’s the real-life character. Imagine how crazy things get for Nancy Botwin on the show. Take it from us it’s worth the watch, and you’ll have plenty of seasons to binge watch.