If you suffer from any kind of anxieties, be they work related, parents, relationship, or if you’re simply paying any attention at all to the state of affairs in the United States right now, then weed, even good weed can potentially turn on you. Happens to the best of us. And while there’s obviously no way to not be high, at least for awhile, after you’ve smoked, there are six simple steps that could nip your suddenly unpleasant high in the bud (no pun intended) or better yet, prevent a paranoid high from ever happening in the first place:

1. Eat

6 Ways To Cure a Paranoid High

Simple as that. Blood sugar is important. You being cranky while hungry magnifies many times over when you’ve consumed a psychoactive substance. Munchies are there for a reason. Listen to the Cheetos.

To illustrate, the following story (paraphrased) was told to us by basically as much of an expert as you can be in these matters, an Amsterdam “coffee shop” employee…

“This one group of American exchange students were on a quick vacation over here from Barcelona or somewhere and of course wanted to get fucked up on some of our world-class weed. So they order some up, probably get someone to roll it for them, sit in a circle and go to town. They’re loud (Americans after all) and chatty, giggling about smoking legal (actually semi-legal) weed and they’re having a pretty great time till BOOM it hits them all at once. The whole circle goes quiet right in the middle of the bar. Then out of nowhere they all simultaneously start crying. It was quite the scene.”

Ever since that particular episode, and after a bit of research, this particular “coffee shop” started keeping a jar of hard candies to dole out to any similarly afflicted patrons. All about the blood sugar. Sucking on a candy can be a great temporary fix while you search out a better, more sustainable blood sugar balancer like a cheeseburger or something.

2. Don’t smoke too much

6 Ways To Cure a Paranoid High On Marijuana

Seems obvious. But if it’s so obvious, why the hell does this happen to everyone (your author included) all the time? Nowadays, with certain strains clocking in at a whopping 30% THC, puff puff pass isn’t just good etiquette, it’s sound medical advice.