Jeff Sessions: States With Legal Weed Not Exempt From Federal Laws

The cannabis community has been up in arms about Trumps pick for Attorney General: Jeff Sessions. They were afraid of what Sessions would mean for legal marijuana. Not even a year ago, he said good people don’t smoke marijuana. The nomination has already caused controversy and several protests during the confirmation hearing and on inauguration day.

The DC Cannabis Coalition (DCMJ) had a sit-in protest called “smoking sessions,” during the hearing. In fact, the organization met at 4:20 am outside the Russell Senate Office Building before the meeting.

Since his nomination, the Senator hasn’t commented on how he’ll deal with marijuana laws. However, during his confirmation hearing, Jeff Sessions finally clarified he would not continue the “hands off” approach in states with medical marijuana laws.

Change From Obama Administration

Jeff Sessions: Legal Weed States Will Not Be Exempt From Federal Laws

The Obama administration passed a bill that prevents the use of federal resources to interfere in states with legalized marijuana. People like Bill Piper, a lobbyist with the Drug Policy Alliance, believe that “the war on medical marijuana is over.” Unfortunately, the bill needs to be signed into effect every year. The incoming administration might be less likely to renew it.

Sessions claims he will enforce the laws already in place unless Congress changes them. What’s worse is he will not be as lenient as the Obama administration when it comes to weed. This is coming from the guy who says legalizing cannabis “is a mistake.” Cannabis consumers should expect a difference in the way marijuana is treated federally.

Jeff Session Won’t Commit To Never Enforcing Federal Law

Jeff Sessions: Legal Weed States Will Not Be Exempt From Federal Laws

Sessions said “I won’t commit to never enforcing federal law,” when asked if he would be using federal resources to prosecute sick people who need medical marijuana.

DCMJ organized a sit-in protest during Sessions’ confirmation hearing. Members met at 4:20 am outside the Russell Senate Office Building before the hearing. The same group will be at Trump’s inaugural speech giving out and smoking free joints in protest of the drug war. They’re passing out 4,200 joints to smoke 4 minutes and 20 seconds into the inauguration speech. Unless, president-elect Trump comes out in full support of legalizing marijuana.

The group clarified their beef is less with Trump and more with Jeff Sessions becoming Attorney General.

Sessions claims “we should enforce the laws as we are able.” He will be enforcing federal laws unless Congress changes them.

Supporters of legalization are worried about the appointment of Jeff Sessions for good reasons. He will have the power to undermine the will of voters in more than half of the United States. States with legalized marijuana will not be as safe as they were under the Obama administration.

Final Hit

Jeff Sessions: Legal Weed States Will Not Be Exempt From Federal Laws

Cannabis consumers are far from the only group of people protesting the appointment of Jeff Sessions. Women’s rights activists and fellow Senate members are also speaking out against Sessions. The senator was denied the position of federal judge due to his racist comments in the 80s. He sparks just as much controversy today. The future for legal cannabis is looking grim, will Trump listen to the several groups fighting to keep Sessions’ out of the cabinet?