A list of the most popular haze strains

Haze is one of those classic, foundational cannabis strains. And if you want to be serious about your bud smoking, you’ve got to be familiar with this one. Haze is famous for the ‘out-of-this-world’ head highs it produces. But that’s not all. It’s also famous for being the granddaddy of many other incredible strains. In fact, there are so many Haze-based strains out there that it’s almost impossible to list them all. So to help you sift through the world of popular Haze strains, here are the most popular haze strains currently being grown and sold.


This is it, the original. This popular haze strain first hit the scene back in the 1960s, thanks to growers in sunny southern California.

After puffing some Haze, you’ll be energized by a truly one of a kind head high. Expect to feel uplifted, euphoric, creative, and focused. Haze also has a distinctive scent and flavor profile. Most people describe it as being both earthy and slightly spicy.

Haze built up such a strong following in the ’60s that growers and breeders started using it to produce tons of other hybrids. Haze genetics can be found around the world in all sorts of different strains.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze was created when breeders crossed Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk #1. The result is an incredible Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Super Silver Haze will give you the energizing, uplifting head buzz you expect from a Haze strain. But it also adds a pleasant body high to the mix.

All of that makes this is an excellent all-around popular haze strain. Use it when you need a little extra boost. It’s also ideal for treating fatigue, migraines, mood disorders, and depression.

Purple Haze

Most Popular Haze Strains

Thanks to Jimi Hendrix, you’ve heard of this popular haze strain—even if you haven’t smoked it yet. Purple Haze will give you great head highs that may even send you on a little psychedelic trip.

This strain is the offspring of Haze and Purple Thai. Buds will be sprinkled with hues of purple and lavender. They smell and taste earthy, like its Haze counterparts, but also introduces slight notes of berries.

Super Lemon Haze

This popular haze strain brings together the best of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. From start to finish, Super Lemon Haze is a refreshing experience.

As soon as you put your buds into your grinder, you’ll notice the fresh smell of earthy citrus. That scent will carry over nicely into the taste of the smoke as well.

Once you start smoking it, you’ll notice an uplifting head high. Your Super Lemon Haze sesh will leave you feeling energetic, lively, and creative.

Blue Dream

Although this one doesn’t have Haze in its name, it’s still a proud member of the family. That’s because Blue Dream was created by crossing Blueberry with Haze.

The result is a true hybrid. The Blueberry genetics give this popular haze strain the smell and taste of berries, along with a smooth body high. And of course, the Haze genetics keep things uplifting and cerebral.

Amnesia Haze

Most Popular Haze Strains

Amnesia Haze has been known to produce some pretty potent buds. Flowers from this strain average 17% THC, but the strongest ones can come in as high as 25% THC.

But don’t worry. Despite its name and high THC content, it won’t leave you wiped out. In fact, Amnesia Haze is known for giving users an energizing head high that helps many people stay even more focused.

Neville’s Haze

Neville’s Haze is almost purely Haze but has a little bit of Indica genetics thrown into the mix.

Plants from this popular haze strain can produce buds with up to 21% THC. And it’ll probably leave you feeling euphoric and super giggly.

Neville’s Haze became popular in the late 1990s. When it first hit the scene, it started scooping up awards left and right. Along with giving users a happy sense of euphoria, it’s also good for treating depression, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Afghan Haze

Afghan Haze is another popular Haze hybrid. It was created by legendary breeders Nevil Schoenmaker and Shantibaba. They crossed Haze with a strong Afghani Indica strain.

The result is a hybrid that delivers soothing head highs combined with serious body relaxation. This makes it an excellent way to treat pain, appetite loss, and depression.

Royal Haze

Most Popular Haze Strains

This strain is the offspring of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights. That’s a lot of strong Sativa genes. And it shows. Royal Haze produces super energizing cerebral effects. It can help you stay focused, sharp, and creative.

As for growing, it can sometimes be a bit easier than the standard Haze strain. That’s because this popular haze strain tends to be heartier and more resilient, and doesn’t need climates quite as warm. It still takes a while to flower. But its ability to survive slightly cooler temperatures makes it more viable for outdoor growing.