NBA player signs marijuana grinder for fan

Sometimes in life, you just have to improvise. That’s exactly what a basketball fan in Portland, Oregon did this week. And his quick thinking paid off. He pulled out his weed grinder and asked Noah Vonleh to sign it. And the NBA player was cool with it. He slapped his signature right on top of the grinder. Now Johnson’s got probably the only grinder ever to be signed by an NBA player.

Just Another Day In Portland?

NBA Player Autographs A Fan’s Weed Grinder

While standing in line at a Safeway grocery story, Portland resident Calder Johnson spotted a familiar face. He saw Portland Trailblazers forward Noah Vonleh.

So Johnson did what any loyal fan would do. He snapped a quick shot of the basketball player on Snapchat then asked him for an autograph.

The only problem: he didn’t have any Blazers gear with him. In fact, he didn’t have anything even remotely related to basketball. So he improvised.

Here’s how Johnson described it on social media: “Saw Noah Vonleh at Safeway but only had my weed grinder on me. Still had to cop the autograph tho.” And that’s exactly what he did.

This is a cool story no matter how you look at it. Especially if you’re a basketball fan, a cannabis fan, or like Johnson, both.

And here’s another cool thing. According to Johnson, this is pretty much just another day in Portland.

“You walk into a grocery store with your grinder; that’s already Portland,” Johnson told sources after the story blew up on social media. “Secondly, the Blazers are at Safeway just hanging out, which is a normal thing here. And then they’re down to sign a grinder. It’s a whole bunch of funny things coming together.”

Oregon’s Cannabis Scene

NBA Player Autographs A Fan’s Weed Grinder

In case you’re wondering what Johnson’s talking about when he mentioned how normal it is to walk into a grocery store with your ganja, remember that recreational pot is legal in Oregon. The state legalized it in 2015. And since then it’s been pretty much unstoppable.

One study published this year found that Oregon’s legal weed industry generated $46 million in wages. It also predicted that legal cannabis would have an overall economic impact of $196 million by 2017.

But it gets even better. This isn’t the first time that NBA basketball and marijuana have mixed in Portland. In fact, for hardcore Blazers fans, the combo isn’t anything new.

That’s because legendary Blazers player Cliff Robinson is a well-know player in the legal cannabis scene. Adopting the moniker “Uncle Spliffy,” Robinson has moved into the marijuana industry as a business owner.

The Final Hit

NBA Player Autographs A Fan’s Weed Grinder

Johnson’s quick thinking shattered the usual stereotype of the slow and lazy pot smoker. Thanks to a little improvisation and a handy weed grinder, he’ll likely go down as a legend in the world of cannabis culture. And thanks to his 420-friendly generosity, Noah Vonleh will be right there with him.