The world of medical cannabis is about to take a big step forward. That’s because a revolutionary new inhaler is about to hit the scene. The Syqe Inhaler was created by Syqe Medical, a startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel. This new device gives patients and doctors more precise control of medical cannabis than ever before.

The Syqe Inhaler

Medical Patients Will Soon Have Access To This New Marijuana Inhaler

Here’s how it works. The Syqe uses pre-loaded cartridges of cannabis. Patients and doctors then program the inhaler to deliver a precise amount of cannabis.

The entire thing is controlled remotely with smartphones and tablets. Using the app, patients and doctors can tell the device exactly how much cannabis to dispense.

If a patient needs a little bit more, they just enter it into their phone or tablet and the inhaler will up the dose. And if a patient needs a little bit less, they just tell the device to decrease the dosage.

Making Medical Cannabis More Precise

Medical Patients Will Soon Have Access To This New Marijuana Inhaler

There are a couple reasons why the Syqe Inhaler is a big deal. First off, it gives patients and doctors more control over medical cannabis treatments than ever before.

In the past, people had to rely on smoking or vaping. And they had to use guesswork and past experience to gauge how much to take. But it wasn’t very precise.

Now doctors can prescribe exact dosages to their patients. And the Syqe Inhaler delivers those precise doses to patients.

But that’s not all. The device also allows doctors and patients to fine-tune and adjust treatment as they go.

Doctors can use databases and research to pinpoint the right amount to prescribe. And they can work with patients to individualize and fine-tune dosages.

Ultimately, this will be a big step forward for medical cannabis. It will help normalize medical cannabis and make it more like any other form of medicine.

“Thanks to the Syqe Inhaler, we are effectively moving from cannabis use to cannabis treatment,” said Syqe Medical chairman Dr. Eytan Hyam. “For doctors, the device solves the problem of prescribing plants for smoking, and offers a solution for patients in that, for the first time, they will be able to receive a precise dose of medical cannabis.”

Ready To Hit The Scene

Medical Patients Will Soon Have Access To This New Marijuana InhalerThe Syqe Inhaler is now ready to move onto the medical cannabis market. That’s because Syqe Medical just reached an agreement with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Under the deal, Teva will start distributing the inhaler to doctors and hospitals. As of now, it will be concentrated in Israel.

The Rambam Hospital in Haifa is already using the inhaler. And Teva hopes to get approval for more widespread use next year.

The Israeli government has approved medical cannabis for around 26,000 patients. And that number is expected to double by 2018.