A list of reasons why cannabis is better than alcohol

It’s a showdown old as time itself. Or at least as old as human civilization, probably. The battle pits cannabis against alcohol as the weapon of choice for living the good life. Here are 11 reasons why weed is better than alcohol.

In one corner, weighing in at 40% alcohol by volume, we have the All-American classic, booze. Legal for adults nationwide, advertised in every home, and socially acceptable virtually everywhere.

But in the other corner, the upstart cannabis, tipping the scales at 18% THC, looks like it’s ready to mount an upset.

1. Heightened Sensation

Do you like a delicious, fresh-cooked meal? What about good sex? Good music? Entertaining movies?

Look’s like you’ve taken a few licks of the old alcohol. And you may not realize it because you’re drunk, but your senses of taste and smell are duller than usual.

You think everything tastes great, but it’s all an illusion. Your cells in your mouth just can’t function at full capacity. It’s the same way for all of your senses. Weaker and duller. And you’re having trouble getting aroused aren’t you? Thought so.

Want the complete opposite experience? Cannabis research shows how getting stoned heightens your senses in scientifically measurable ways.